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Jan 29, 2020

Trial-Moderator Application Guide
The Trial-Moderator is a small but essential role that plays within the network; (you can view the staff hierarchy for the network here to get a better understanding of our operations). The purpose of a Trial-Moderator is to interact with your community and converse with players. With power comes great responsibility as you enforce our rules and to moderate lobbies, games, discord, and the forums. As you embark on this two month trial period, you'll learn and grow, as we decide if you have what it takes to be our next Panic Network Moderator.


  • You must be at least 14 years old.
  • You must already be active and aware of the community.
  • A team player with the willingness to do your job right.
  • Good understanding of rules and punishments.


You shouldn't finish the application within such a short period. Your time and effort should quickly reveal your writing; as the first thing we examine is how presentable your form is, use the given format, which found here.

We want to see the uniqueness in your form. Our Staff Management team is working through many applications within a day, so we want to be left a reflection of your use. We have many people coming in every day to apply for the same position as you, how are you different? How are you going to contribute to our network from what others haven't brought to the table? When you write this application, you need to think of it as being a salesman, and your product is yourself. If you put time and effort into your creative personality, it'll show, and we'll notice. When you sell yourself, let us know about you. We want to know a little about your past experiences, skills, and personality traits.

Now obviously, everything must be entirely and utterly factual. Be honest in your writing, and if not, we'll probably notice. We do background checks on our applicants. Be sure that you tell us everything that would be helpful for us to know. When reading through your application, you need to have contextual evidence or an explanation

What We're Looking For:

I would say that the best candidate for this position would be the most active player and most knowledge of our system and operations. We do check your playtime on the server as well as your forum profile.

We want someone who can work as a team, just as well as they can work independently. As you've seen the staff hierarchy, then you'll know of our operations, which allow users to get work done more efficiently. Now, of course, the Staff Management team won't be up your ass the whole time, but they will be watching. So that means that when you log onto the server, you have to work as effectively, efficiently, and done correctly.

The last things that you should find in yourself are being a good writer and great with communication, being highly motivated, and eager to do what's right and to have an excellent work ethic. We will be able to tell how excellent your writing and communication skills are just from the interaction from our Staff Management team during the application and interviewing process. So really push hard to have a great form. In the interview, we'll ask you some questions trying to see how quick you are on your feet, what you all know, and how motivated and eager you are for this position. We want strong individuals, and that's just plain and simple.The last thing, we can kind of question this, but work ethic shows. We want to have someone who thrives under pressure, favorite word two words being "happy hour." Also, knowing how to go with the flow; being able to multitask is an absolute necessity along with time management — the ability to focus as if it's almost laser-like. You have to be tough out there champ things will not be easy; you can not let people run all over you, and now that is a good work ethic.

Are You Ready to Begin:

After reading this, it should narrow every reading this down to two different people. Either after reading this, you didn't read all of it and skipped through some of it, or you're not willing to put the time in to write it, or maybe you're not qualified for this position. Now the other person would find them self reading through it and thinking it's a biography about them. Then you are most definitely the person that we're looking for, and you can apply

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